waking in a strange light, 2020

Perception is animated by light. The observable world is filled with shadows, shimmers, refractions and shapes. With the slowing of sense awareness, so too is the inner landscape animated by luminosity.

waking in a strange light V
waking in a strange light V, graphite on paper, 22 × 22 IN
waking in a strange light IV, graphite on paper, 23 1/2 × 23 1/2 IN
looking into the sun with my eyes closed, 36 x 36 IN

Plenus, from the latin meaning full, abundant, abounding, complete and tudo, a state or condition, gives us the word plenitude —- a state of abundance, fullness, completeness. The painting, plenitude, invites a space of wholeness. Created with casein, lime and pigment, its subtle layering reveals itself with time and shifts of light.

plenitude, 36 x 36 IN

return of the light, 36 x 36 IN