forest, 2007 + 2009

forest, milk paint on salvaged plywood, installation h 9 x w 11 FT, 2007

Inspired by the distinct white hued bark of birch trees that appeared as luminous columns against the neutral tones of the woods during my artist residency in the Berkshires, here, with carefully studied bark samples, I painted delicate applications of milk paint on plywood panels salvaged from a hardware store’s discard pile.  The square panels are stacked vertically to create the semblance of birch bark and “reconstruct” trees.  

In these woods, it was common to see Trichaptum biforme growing in shelf like formations along the tree trunks.  Fascinated, I painted studies of their ring structures on paper and hand cut the forms.

Through observation I am reminded of a larger order and pattern of relationship in all things.

forest, milk paint on paper, installation, h 3 1/2 x w 2 1/2 FT, 2009