pathways, 2019

Love’s practice records movement in the deep of Kozo paper folds, renderings of the circulation of rainwater in Toronto streets’ cracks, and the portrayal of the shimmering dance of sunlight on ripples across a river. The embodied relationship that we commonly share with water is omnipresent in her thinking process, as she addresses the parallels between how water flows around us and within us. The water patterns found underground, on our streets or a city map resemble our arteries and veins, annexing the human body to a broader nexus of fluids… Her contemplative bodies of work entitled waves, pathways and reflections also raise questions around the interconnectedness between our chemical and emotional attachment to water and its commodification since the first Industrial Revolution. see more

from Les Yeux Dans L’eau, Curatorial Ponderings, Geneviève Wallen, Independent Curator
CLOUDS, MILK PAINT ON PAPER, H 43 1/2 X W 29 IN AND H 49 1/2 X W 29 IN. 2019