forest, 2018

field, milk paint on gampi, 36 1/2 x 25 IN, 2018

While daily walking the forest and meadow trails, on the estate of poet, Edna St Vincent Millay (now the Millay Colony for the Arts), I collected brambles, twigs and branches.  These collections I brought into the studio creating a sort inside/outside habitat and a mass of references for painting.  The language of the white washed winter landscape, with its distilled silhouetted lines and its quiet, inspired the sensibility of my forest series.  Immersion in this space and the intricacies of natural forms invited a relational experience.

forest, milk paint on kozo, h 36 1/2 x w 86 in, 2018

We are part of a web of meaningful interpenetrations of being that are corporeal and psychologically real at the same time. Humans can only fully comprehend their own inwardness if they understand their existence as cultural beings who are existentially tied to the symbolic processes active inside nature

Andreas Weber, The Biology of Wonder
forest, milk paint on kozo, h 36 1/2 x w 82 in, 2018