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Blue: a natural dye workshop

Blue, a natural indigo dye workshop
Saturday, March 10,  10 am – 4 pm
with Sigrid Blohm at Tania Love art + textiles studio
$140 + hst materials included

Blue has historically been the most popular colour in the world. Whether this is because it’s so prevalent in the sky and water around us or because it’s a difficult colour to produce, blue’s allure remains strong. This is particularly true for indigo with it’s myriad shades and patterning possibilities.

This will be a full day intensive workshop where the group will learn to prepare a natural indigo dye vat and have the opportunity to work with multiple vats creating patterns on washi (Japanese paper) and cotton cloth using simple shibori techniques of clamping, tying and stitching.

Sigrid Blohm is a Toronto based visual artist who works primarily with Japanese paper. Many of her visual cues and techniques come from the world of books and textiles as she employs stitching, dyeing, piecing and ‘written’ mark-making. She continues to be inspired by the built and natural environments around her and strives for a place of calm in her practise.

Sigrid has learned indigo dyeing with Mary Bower and Janet Cornfield (Shibori Blues), Harriet Boon and Yoshiko Wada. She received her BFA from Queen’s University in 1985, and works at The Japanese Paper Place as Fine Paper Specialist.

Registration limited to 10