I’ve been making objects since I was a child.

One of my favourite games was playing “art shop” with my sister.

That instinct for beauty never left.

The hours and days of my childhood spent in my aunt’s studio doing batik and tie dye and watching my dad hand cut designs and screen print all became part of my vocabulary. I now realize it was the ground for the language I work in and have adapted my drawing practice to different modalities including cut paper, drawing installation and silk screen printing.

Rapt by nature, I have recently developed a collection of scarves to be wrapped by nature.

They are carefully hand screen printed and dyed with plant based inks and dyes that I make in small batches giving priority to nuance and variation.

I forage locally for many of the plants I use such as black walnut, sumac and goldenrod and dry them for use throughout the winter.  Harvesting plants at different points in the season also offers differences in the pigment concentration.

Reflective of my appreciation for seasonal change, I develop my pieces with curiosity and excitement and embrace the surprises that are part of the hand made process.