Toronto is suddenly bursting with bloom!  It’s an exciting season that feels full of growth and possibility.

I’m looking forward to presenting a botanically inspired exhibition of works this weekend by Eiko Ceramics, Kristin Sjaarda, Studio Mikafleur as well as my new hand painted textiles.

Eiko Maeda creates exquisite porcelain pieces that are both delicate in appearance and strong in structure.  The flavour of my green tea is elevated when I drink from her cup!

Eiko in her own words:

“The focus of my work is to create contemporary designs using traditional methods and forms of Japanese ceramics. Specifically, I use a technique called nerikomi, which uses coloured clay to make detailed patterns. Pieces are unglazed to emphasize the soft color and texture of the clay; translucent porcelain clay is used to highlight patterns as the light passes through.”
– Eiko Maeda

Learn more about Eiko’s inspiring work and process through this CBC feature:

Kristin Sjaarda creates stunning photographs that, to me, are botanical portraiture expressive of beauty and cycles of growth and entropy.

Kristin in her own words:

“I arrange and photograph flowers from my own garden and surrounding community to emphasize the diversity and beauty of the world around us. The flowers and garden specimens are collected and co-exist in the still life images based on when they bloom and ripen together; I rely on what I can pick with my own hands as much as possible. “
– Kristin Sjaarda

Mika Sato creates delightful arrangements which combine her ceramics and botanicals.  The balance of forms and whimsy make me smile.

Mika in her own words:

“I was born in Japan, and grew up surrounded by the bounty of nature that both nurtured and inspired me. In my homeland I studied the ancient floral art of Ikebana, and this has profoundly influenced my design aesthetic over the last twenty-five years. In 2010 I decided to pursue my interest in pottery.

My work is a unique fusion of hand built and wheel thrown pottery and floral elements. I grow many of my own botanicals while the rest are locally sourced. Along with orchids, succulents and air plants, I incorporate found elements such as lichens, moss and branches to create unique terrariums and planters.”
– Mika Sato

Tania Love – that’s me.  My work takes its cues from the natural and cultural environment.  Often process oriented and tactile, my work invites quiet, slower rhythms and connection to natural cycles.
My latest exploration in textile combines hand screen printing and painting with plant based ink extracts.