In celebration of Canada 150, I turned my attention to the plant symbols of the provinces and territories of Canada.

Plants tell so many stories about habitat, localities, migration, rooting and thriving.  They are apt metaphors for thinking about the story of this place I call home, my country, my habitat, Canada.

I first created botanical drawings of the plants from each province and territory, then formed a wreath like composition.  In a circle everything is linked and equally important.

The pieces are printed and dyed with extractions of the black walnut and sumac that I foraged locally on walks in Toronto and surrounds.

Working with plant based inks and dyes, in many ways, frames how I see and engage with the world around me.

Plant based sensibility is intrinsically connected to a sense of place.

Canada is vast.  As I read about and and drew the plants of each province and territory, it gave me pause to wonder at the varied habitats, both cultural and natural.

5% of each Canada 150 scarf purchase will be donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada for preservation of Canadian habitat.

My hand drawn botanical index: