This past April I made a very special “girl’s trip” with my mom and three sisters to Paris.  Captivating and beautiful the city truly is, though it was with some reluctance that I went to visit the iconic tour Eiffel.  Once I habituated to the crowds, overcame my fear of heights and blasé attitude, I saw something new.  The angular shadow patterns on one of the levels led me to see the absolute elegance of the structure and wonder at its expression of intelligence in engineering and aesthetics.


The image played in my mind for the next couple of months and this past summer I began to sketch out the bold lines in preparation for my next print.

drawings - eiffel
They wallpapered my kitchen while I was contemplating the direction the print should go.  Everything in the space seemed to echo the line work; layers of black and white from the handwoven tapestry on my bench to the stoneware vase on my marble table. While this “eiffel” drawing was inspired by a specific experience, the gestation leading towards it began many years ago.  The the objects I’ve collected and arranged as a visual language in my home are part of the way I digest ideas and evolve my creative process.

I am surprised and satisfied by the boldness of this new print just as I was surprised by my experience visiting the tour Eiffel in Paris.

eiffel print