On a blustery day recently, I found myself in Brooklyn for a meeting and came across some good finds while scoping out Atlantic Avenue.  I warmed up over tea and conversation at The Little Sweet Cafe – which truly was sweet and little with its cosy old world aesthetic including the wallpaper of flora, birds and butterflies.

snow day in brooklyn

wallpaperOf all the pretty boutiques, my favourite was The Primary Essentials, which displayed exquisitely curated groupings of life style objects including hand made ceramics, wood pieces, linens, skin care and art on a sizeable table running the length of the room.
the primary essentials

In keeping with the contemporary (healthy!) penchant for artisanal community, they printed an inspiring newsprint lookbook that shared insights of their friends on lifestyle, meaningful work and creativity.


I couldn’t leave without a couple of useful treasures.

First find: I picked up some good reading —The Plant, which self describes as “a journal about ordinary plants and other greenery”.  Replete with beautiful images and curious articles about the life of plants as well as an article about the Poland’s primeval forest, Białowieża (which I had the good fortune to visit in 2010), it was perfect company for the return plane ride home.  I’m always interested in perspectives about our layered relationship with the natural world.

Second find: Beautiful NY designed – jacquard woven Lithuanian linen.  I love how it was presented with the natural crumply look of un-ironed linen.

linenBringing it back home, I was especially pleased that it is the perfect companion piece to my cherished Atelier Tréma dishes hand made by One of a Kind kin, Marie-Joël Turgeon.

atelier trema