For days when the mundane seems less than memorable, remember, the mundane is really where the amazing gift of being begins …
This inspiring amazingness manifesto comes from London, UK, based photographer, environmentalist and urban explorer Anna Hillman.


1. Our planet is AMAZING.

2. Humans are as much a part of nature as are plants, animals, rivers, rocks and soils – we are all part of the same biological, chemical and physical systems, cycles and processes as each other.

3. Wherever we are, however built-up an area is, there is always sky above us, small plants growing atop walls and tiny animals going about their daily lives.

4. A weed is just another name for a brave and slightly naughty plant.

5. Even something as simple as looking up at the sky, can lift our spirits and make us glad   to be alive.

6. Amazingness is for discovering, enjoying and sharing.

7. Every day the sky is different, plants grow, shadows appear and disappear, rain drops splash, puddles dry up, leaves tumble in the wind, colours change with the changing light…there is always something new to enjoy.

8. Connecting with nature everyday increases human psychological well-being, and consequently the well-being of communities and of the planet.

9. Amazingness is for everyone.