Last summer was hot.  I took refuge daily in a huge studio space that seemed like a slightly cooler place to be … and I had good reason to as I had a 28 FT installation to complete!
It is still in place and you can view it most days from 1 – 7 pm at 1093 Queen St. W. in Toronto.

cell structures

The process began first by mapping out its length on the floor.
Bit by bit it grew.



While the installation is largely monochromatic, I dyed Italian hemp thread with local sumac  berries for little flashes of hot pink and deep purple.

sumac berriesdyed thread

sumac dyed

The drawings are made with sumi ink on kozo paper.  I then hand cut each piece for sculptural interest creating a lacy, organic quality.


Parts of the drawings and thread were dipped in beeswax for structural support, shimmer and texture.


This installation is an adaptation of my cell structures series which was inspired by the patterns in the sand on Toronto Island.  In the forms I see cells, water droplets, salt stains…

installation 2